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"My grandma slipped and bumped her head two days ago and no symptoms. Is medical attention necessary?"

ZocdocAnswersMy grandma slipped and bumped her head two days ago and no symptoms. Is medical attention necessary?


she is 89


Sorry to hear about the fall. Certainly, there are certain rules that suggest when a person needs to see a physician after a fall. Some of those rules are moderated by the factors such as age, blood thinners, etc. In general, when someone who is elderly falls, it is best to have that person evaluated by a doctor. This is because that group is at much higher risk for suffering long term and potentially life threatening complications than just about any other group. For that reason, you should at least speak with her doctor about your concerns, and you should do so soon. For the general population, it is always best to speak with a doctor if you have any concerns after a fall. Many doctors will do a physical examination, and if there is no laceration or other obvious findings on physical examination such as changes in nerve or mental function, will follow the symptoms rather than order any xrays or other radiographic studies. This is not true in all situations, however, and there is much variability depending on how concerned your doctor may be. Please speak with your grandmother's doctor about your concerns, and have her evaluated soon.

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