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"What can I do about burnt skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about burnt skin?


Hello, I have an unusual problem. A couple of days ago I burned my private parts with a cigar on accident. Now the skin is just dark in color but does not hurt at all. It does not seem to be making any changes or healing it just looks like a burn. How can i fix this?


Sorry to hear about your problem. There are many different possible explanations, but trauma and injury to the genital region needs to be watched very closely due to the high levels of bacteria that are present in this region of the body. So it is important to speak with your doctor. Any skin break down can very quickly become a serious and life threatening infection, and so please monitor the area closely. Meticulous hygiene will also be important to make sure that you allow the area the best chance to heal fully and quickly. If you have other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, it is important to keep these well controlled as well, as any of these can impair wound healing and make you more likely to develop problems. While there are times that an antibiotic ointment can be helpful, these can also sometimes cause the skin to be more moist which can lead to further skin breakdown, and so it makes sense to talk to your doctor about that before you just start using one. Please speak with your doctor about this condition, and see if he or she recommends further therapy, possibly including prophylactic antibiotics or other measures.

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