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"Can I grow more?"

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Im 16 and 5'8'' (173 cm) and for 2 years i just grow 1 inch. i have been working out with weights but i think that what cause my growth stun is the weight lose i was to fat at 11 and was trying to not eat to much but i have facial hair and leg hair so does that mean that i really my growth has stopped. if is a way to increase my height please tell me


Growth has long been recognized as a measure of the health of individuals. It is what is called multifactorial because it is an indication that nutrition, health, genetic potential and hormonal balance regulate growth and is thus responsible for whether or not an individual grows at a normal rate. Although there is no proven way to predict a person's adult weight, a major growth spurt does occur at the time of puberty which is usually between 11 and 14 years in boys, and then slows down signifcantly after about age 14, with an average increase of only 1 inch before ultimately stopping by about 20 years in most cases. A few of these boys may grow taller even into their early 20s from having well-balanced lifestyles, such as eating healthy and getting sufficient sleep and at least 1 hour of exercise daily. Since you have concerns about your growth, I would suggest a consultation with a primary care physician. Taking into account your genetic background, your doctor will check your height, weight, and overall physical maturation to determine whether your height is normal, is delayed in progress, or is the result of a medical condition that prevents growth. If it is determined that your height is much lower than expected for your age or developmental stage or has a health condition stunting your growth, an endocrinologist may be referred to you. If a lack of growth hormone is recognized before the bones stop growing, there are available growth hormone supplements that can be prescribed to you. However, these growth hormones can cause major hormonal imbalance in the body and carry serious health risks. Please make sure to discuss these with your doctor.

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