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"What is causing irritaion at the tip of my urethra (penis)?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing irritaion at the tip of my urethra (penis)?


I suddenly have an irritation on the tip of my urethra (penis) during urination I am a 21 year old male. I am not sure what caused it. At first I thought it was a hair stuck inside but it doesn't seem to be it. Im also wondering if it is because of masturbation? Its been almost 40 days since I did it. The color of my urine is normal and my penis seems normal too. I don't have sexual intercourse at all. Other than the pain at the tip of my penis, I started to feel somewhat discomfort in my pelvic region where the prostate is and also the kidney region but they don't last that long. Please clarify this issue as I wont be able to go to a doctor in more than 2 weeks.


There are several different potential causes for your symptoms, but unfortunately I am going to recommend that you see your primary care doctor, because this is the only way to have a definitive diagnosis. Conversation over the internet can't substitute for visiting your doctor! Sexually transmitted infections are always on the list of possibilities for these kinds of symptoms. Although you state that you are not sexually active, I would want to know if you have recently been sexually active (and not just full intercourse), as these infections are very common. In addition to this, there can be local irritation of the urethra or tip of the penis from a wide range of chemicals. These could include soaps that you might be using in the shower, especially if you are vigorously cleaning the tip of the penis. With masturbation, it is possible to have a reaction to a lotion or personal lubricant that you might be using. Finally, the other symptoms of discomfort that you have experienced, including deeper pelvic and back pain, raise the possibility of a kidney stone, which can sometimes cause pain that radiates down from the back all the way into the scrotum and penis and may be misinterpreted as local irritation. So again, please speak to your doctor.

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