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"Why do I still feel sick after getting over a cold?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I still feel sick after getting over a cold?


sunday, july 28, i came down with a fast and furious cold. it started around noon with a sore throat, and by 8pm, i was exhausted, and in bed with a high fever and bad cough. i stayed there for a solid week. this week, my cough has almost gone away, but i am still completely exhausted, and now i have a constant headache and am dizzy all the time. i dont want to waste my doctor's time by scheduling a visit. im guessing im just dehydrated? but no matter how much i try to eat or hydrate- i just keep feeling really weak and dizzy. thank you.


At this point, the illness has been going on for quite some time, and it is important that you discuss your symptoms with your doctor. I would recommend calling in to his or her office to schedule an appointment, and describing your symptoms at that time. Many doctors will be able to call back and arrange the timing of your visit based on how concerned they are about your symptoms, meaning that he or she may ask you some extra questions about what exactly has been going on. The fact that you still have a cough may or may not be normal, as a cough can persist for up to 3 months for some people after an upper respiratory tract infection. The dizziness is less clear, however, as that is not generally a symptom that people associate with the common cold. While involvement of the ear can lead to some of those symptoms, we would hope that those would clear up, and it is important to speak with your doctor to see if you need to speak with another specialist about your concerns. Sinus infections could also potentially cause some of your symptoms. Please speak with your doctor.

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