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"Why do I have pain near the jaw and my ears blocked?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have pain near the jaw and my ears blocked?


Hi Doctor , 2 weeks back i had mild cold and it went away in just 4 days .This does not happen usually as my cold gets very serious. After 4 days , the left side of my face became heavy and there was a slight pain near the jaw area ( in front of the ear) . I went to general doc and he said that my lymph nodes might be swollen due to throat infection (didnt have any throat pain) and prescribed anti biotics for 5 days . The pain has reduced but the heaviness still persists. I went to the ENT specialist and she said that it might be due to a sinus infection and not lymph node swelling . she examined my ears , nose and throat.I have a deviated septum and usually get colds often but this is the first time that i have heavy feeling on one side of my face. She prescribed nasal drops . I also gets this slight cracking noise in my ears and my ears get blocked often. Not sure what's it about? is it the lymph node or sinus infection?


Sorry to hear about the discomfort that you have been suffering from. It sounds like you have been taking all of the right steps in being treated: you started with your general doctor and when the problem didn't resolve you moved up to seeing a specialist. Most often, when you meet with a specialist it is for the extra years of training that he or she may have in that specific area, and so their opinion is generally more direct and appropriate for the problem that you are consulting them on. If you have been started on nose drops, then it is more likely that your otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon (AKA ENT) feels that the problem is arising in your sinuses or at least in your nasal airway. The fact that you mention that you often have ear blockage and are hearing noises in your ears suggests that your eustachian tube may be having some difficulty draining your ear as well, which could also be part of why your doctor prescribed the nose drops. Please continue to follow up with your doctors as scheduled, and please contact them with these questions and to obtain more clarification and treatment if needed.

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