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"I have been taking anti-depressants due to PMDD for years. How long should wait to start again?"

ZocdocAnswersI have been taking anti-depressants due to PMDD for years. How long should wait to start again?


i can tell when they stop working (and they do) I have weaned myself off so that I can start back up. I do not have time or money for Dr. visits and have experimented with them all before. so id like to stick with the antidepressant i was taking, effexor. how long should i wait to start back? I went off on July 25th. I just had my cycle and did ok.


Thank you for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Your question implies quite a bit of experience with the condition, which can be quite helpful in managing any medical illness. The one thing that I don't completely understand is where your medication comes from if you do not have regular doctor visits? Most of these medications require a prescription, which is going to require at least intermittent visits to a doctor. Many doctors feel comfortable with their patients controlling the use and dosage of their medications, provided that they check in on a regular basis, even if only via phone messages. This will require a special relationship with a physician, however, that has been established over time in most cases. In general, most doctors require at least an annual visit before prescribing medications. Now, back to your question: when to resume your effexor. I am not sure what you mean about how long to wait, whether you mean until the drug is all out of your system? If so, the package directions will generally have some information about the half life of most drugs, which will also depend on your other medical conditions (eg, kidney problems can slow some drug elimination). Again, please speak with your doctor.

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