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"I still have fever, and jugular pain after treatment. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI still have fever, and jugular pain after treatment. What should I do?


Hello, 8-10 days ago i finished my antibiotic treatment cause i had fever sickness and my jugular's were big as doctor told me so he gave me antibiotics to make them normal as i had pain swallowing but after the treatment finished for 1-2 i didnt had any pain on my jugular but pain started aigain and 24/7 when i swallow i have a small amount of pain but i do drink a lot of cold water cause i live in greece which is really warm here so do i have to go to a doctor aigain? its not that big pain but its still there i had antiobiotic treatment for 5 days 1 pill per day


I'm sorry to hear that your symptoms have come back! Unfortunately, I am going to have to recommend that you return to see your doctor, since the symptoms appear not to have responded to treatment with antibiotics. Although it is not entirely clear to me from the question what you were treated for, I am going to presume that it was a throat infection, most likely a strep throat infection, since this would give the kinds of symptoms that you are describing (pain in the throat, swelling of the glands in the "jugular" region of the neck). Although strep throat usually responds quickly to antibiotics, there are rare cases of stubborn or resistant infections that do not, and your doctor will want to evaluate you for persistent infection. Additionally, there are other throat infections -- especially infectious mononucleosis -- which may mimic strep throat but that will not respond at all to antibiotics. Your doctor may want to rule out infectious mononucleosis with some simple blood tests. Additionally, your doctor will want to take a look in your mouth to make sure you haven't developed any complications from this infection, such as an abscess in the back of the throat, which might require more aggressive treatment.

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