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"What should I do about leg joint hip pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about leg joint hip pain?


Hi my pain started 3 days ago. Pain is somewhere around Leg hip joint(above the nee joint), but I dont know it could be muscle or something else. When it happen or before I was not exsercising or running or doing hard work. I was sitting by a computer when pain started. From the biginning it was a little pain but today I said I would walk it out so I went for a little tour (not even one kilometer long). But after walk I can barely walk my leg hurts when I lift it or when I walk. I feel little pain when leg is still. I had no injury yet with the leg. Please help.


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. It is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis with seeing you in person. It is difficult to tell from your question exactly where you are experiencing pain. The pain could be due to a muscle strain in the muscle of your thigh, which include the quadriceps, hamstring, hip adductors, hip abductors, and hip flexors. Damage to one of the nerves in your thigh can also cause pain. This often occurs due to a herniated disc, which leads to compression of the nerve roots leaving your spinal cord and traveling to your thigh. In sciatica, nerve compression causes pain shooting down the posterior leg into the hamstring. Damage to the ligaments of the knee can cause pain. The cartilage lining the knee (meniscus) as well as the cartilage lining the hip (labrum) can cause pain if they are torn. General degeneration of the knee or hip joint through osteoarthritis can also cause pain. Finally, problems with the thigh bone itself can cause pain. You will need to see an orthopedic surgeon to determine the cause of your pain. A typical evaluation consists of a thorough history and physical exam. Depending on these results, you may need an x-ray or MRI of the affected area.

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