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"Will I get over my allergies?"

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I was 3 when told i was allergic to dogs, cats furry animals ect. My first reaction was to my friends rottwiler i had eye swelling and rash on my face and arms it also triggered my asthma which was bad at the time. Since then ive had a greyhound cross to which i had a small reaction ( slightly itchy on my arms ) then i had two chihuahuas and had no reaction at all so i thought my allergies had gone for good but i moved out of the family home and got a rottwiler cross puppie with my partner and im itchy, getting a rash on my arms and chest and slight throat tightening after holding or playing with him. I want to know if we keep him will my immune system ajust and the reactions stop or am i just damaging my health as he is part rottwiler which is the breed i had the worst reaction to when i was younger your opinion would be much appreciated thank you


Sorry to hear about your problem, and the best thing to do is to speak to an allergist. While people do change in how allergic they are to different things over time, this is usually a very slow process that occurs over years or decades unless something is done to change things. You are implying that continued exposure will help your body adapt to the allergic environment, which is not too different from the thinking that is behind allergy shots, or immunotherapy, where a person is exposed to an allergen over a long period of time via continued injection of a specific allergen. There are significant differences between standard environmental exposure and the more formal exposure provided by immunotherapy. Unfortunately for you, continued environmental exposure without the more formal allergy shots is not a proven way to improve your allergic symptoms. Instead, you will likely need to work with an allergist to determine what you need to do to become more tolerant of your environment. While for some people it helps to just change animal breeds, it is often necessary to avoid certain types of animals completely for optimal relief of symptoms. The best thing for you to do would be to see an allergist and follow his or her recommendations. Please speak to your doctor.

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