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"Should a Foley Catheter be removed?"

ZocdocAnswersShould a Foley Catheter be removed?


I was told by my doctors pa that she could not take out a foley catheter. On friday i had a turbt done and was told to have the tube removed on sunday.


Catheters are certainly uncomfortable, and I understand your desire to have this removed as soon as possible. It is critical that you discuss your situation with the urologist who performed the TURBT, as there are many factors that determine timing of removal of foley catheters. In general, foley catheter placement in individuals with prostate disease can often help relieve urinary obstruction caused by enlarged prostates. Frequently, after urologic procedures such as a TURBT, catheters must remain in place to help prevent worsening obstruction. These could be triggered by inflammation or spasms following the procedure. Keeping the foley in place also allows for further healing after the procedure. Therefore, only your surgeon can determine when it is safe to remove. Ideally, foley catheters are removed as soon as feasible. Because they serve as a communication from the outside world to your bladder, they put you at significantly increased risk or urinary tract infection. In severe cases, these infections can spread to your kidneys or blood stream. Additionally, if catheters remain in place for some time, the bladder muscle may take some time to recover, so it is preferable to remove catheters early. In some cases of persistent urinary retention, patients can self-catheterize several times a day to relieve the urinary retention. Given the potential concerns regarding foley catheters, I strongly encourage you to contact your surgeon regarding this matter.

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