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"I'm having depression problems. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm having depression problems. What should I do?


Some events happened few months ago was a really confusing time for me and shortly after I saw a doctor who gave me antidepressants it was fine and the symptoms were gone but the problem was the side effects which got in the way of my studies ...such as memory loss ,,, low concentration ..i reported that to my doctor but he just doubled the dose for me so I stopped taking them was fine for a couple of months after but now I'm having mood swings and uncontrollable crying ...sad memories flashes ..I'm even getting more paranoid ..and I just don't know what to do ...I even tried changing doctors but it was the same medications ..the school year is starting soon and I'm afraid it'll get in the way what should I do ? And would this stop with time?


I'm sorry for what you are going through and that you did not have a good experience with your first two doctors. Your symptoms are serious and sound like they are getting worse and not better and you need to seek care immediately. It is important that you have been given the correct diagnosis. Depression is common but it is possible that you could be suffering from Bipolar or another mental health condition which might require different treatment. It is unclear from your question whether you saw a primary care doctor or a psychiatrist. I would recommend at this point, if you haven't already, to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. If you have already seen one, make an appointment for a different one. Clearly the medications that have been prescribed to you are not working and you need a new treatment plan. I would also highly recommend that you receive counseling as well to work through the events that occurred a few months ago which seemed to have triggered your symptoms. It depends on your diagnosis whether or not your symptoms will stop with time. Please try not to get discouraged and continue to seek care as it is very important to your health. Please make an appointment as soon as possible.

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