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"What is causing my skin infection?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my skin infection?


i get skin infections only on my face. they are as small as a pore and as big as a dime. they heal within 48 hours but leak and turn crusty- ick! antibiotics have not helped at all. the dr cultured inside my nose and my culture was clear so it is not bacterial. what else could it be?


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you discuss your condition with your doctor. Just because your doctor cultured inside your nose does not mean that it is not bacterial. In fact, the bacteria that he or she tested for by swabbing the inside of your nose (which was likely MRSA, a resistant strain of common bacteria that is found everywhere) can be on your skin and just about anywhere else. Just because you may not have the resistant strain of bacteria that he or she was testing for does not mean that you do not have a bacterial infection. The fact that these lesions tend to recur frequently despite treatment makes me wonder if you have something else that is pre-disposing you to these infections. Everything from your environment to your other health problems could be contributing, and it may be wise to focus on fixing any of these other problems to see if it decreases the frequency of these infections and helps you to feel better. There are also doctors who work with people who have difficult to treat infections, namely, infectious disease doctors, who may be able to offer more help and insight into your problem. Please speak with your doctor about your condition and a possible referral.

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