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"What is a white bubble like bump on my lip?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a white bubble like bump on my lip?


I have a clear-white bubble like bump on my lip, what could this be? It can't be an STD because I haven't kissed anyone. It also doesn't have any pain.


Sorry to hear about this bump and I recommend you see a doctor. There are many different possibilities of what this could be, but each option, and especially what is most likely for you, will depend on more information. For example, depending on your age and tobacco and sun exposure history, your doctor may be more inclined to be more or less concerned about this bump. In general, bumps and blisters can be divided into several categories. The first, and most obvious, is the things that we are all accustomed to, and includes trauma and injury to the skin. For example, a bad sunburn, an abrasion, or even eating spicy food can cause these sort of skin changes in some people. There are others with very sensitive skin who may be subject to such complaints even with the smallest of events. The next category includes infections. While there are many that can be passed by sharing bodily secretions, as you imply, there are others that are passed so readily that many of us have them already. For example, cold sores are extremely common, and are caused by a common virus. Finally, there are many other explanations for a bump and I would suggest you to discuss this with your doctor.

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