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"Why does any pressure or scratch cause a rash and/or red lines and blotches on skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does any pressure or scratch cause a rash and/or red lines and blotches on skin?


Lately any type of pressure on my skin is causing bright red lines and sometimes even rashes. Some times the rashes will be irritating and itchy but often they are just bright red and come and go after about half hour. Some times maybe a little longer than an hour. This happening everywhere I go so I don't think its environmental. If I put any pressure on the lines or blotches or stretch my skin around them they turn back to my flesh color and then will return to being red as soon as I release. Here is a picture of my hand after carrying two heavy bags of groceries. I do not have health insurance, or much money, I need to know if this is serious enough that I need to seek help for it.


Thank you for your question and I recommend that you speak with your doctor. It is difficult to know exactly what your problem is, but from your discussion it seems that it could be something known as dermatographism. As the words seem to say, this is from the words skin and writing, and comes from the fact that some people with this condition will be able to write on their skin by putting pressure on the skin. Some people with this condition will also have a tendency to develop hives very easily, and can have other problems with their skin as well. In some cases, anti histamines can be helpful, and can help to decrease the amount of bruising and redness that can happen on the skin. In other cases, avoiding skin trauma can be the best thing to do. This condition comes from a problem in the skin itself, and is something that may persist for quite some time. Your doctor will be the best one to be able to help with this problem, as he or she can get a first hand look at the problem and ask you more detailed questions. There are other explanations as well, and so please speak with your doctor about this.

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