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"Why does my left cheek twitch everytime I blink?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my left cheek twitch everytime I blink?


I'm 23. The twitch occurs on the apple of my left cheek. It doesn't hurt, but, the affected muscles ache sometimes. The harder I blink, the more pronounced it is. I am nearsighted, so, at first I wondered if the twitch could be caused by eye strain. But, it's been 5+ months now and after seeing no change, I'm concerned that it could be something more serious. What could have caused this, and what can I do to stop it? Thanks for your help!


This is an interesting phenomenon that you are describing and as with any concern it is important to discuss it with your doctor. Some of the innervation between the eye muscles and the cheek muscles is the same, and this is most likely the reason that you are having these symptoms. You see, the facial nerve, which is the nerve responsible for the voluntary movement of the face, that is, the mimetic or facial animation muscles (those that help us smile, show expression, etc) branches soon after it leaves the base of the skull under your ear. At that point it will splay into several branches, classically considered to be 5 branches, that innervate specific parts of your face. Usually, the branches function somewhat independently, although there is some crossover between the branches. Additionally, when there is an injury and the nerves grow back in, there can be some issues similar to what you are describing. And so the short answer is that what you are describing could be quite normal, or it could be a sign of some other problem that is causing this abnormal movement. As with any concern, please discuss it with your doctor, and please mention any recent changes or progression that you have noticed, as this will be important. Please speak with your doctor.

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