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"What is this knee pain during exercise?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this knee pain during exercise?


When I'm doing insanity, my knees don't hurt, but they sorta just...quit on me. When I do things like squats or jumps that involve bending the knees, after awhile they'll just stop working and I have to rest for like 10 seconds to do a couple more then my knees quit again. It's not so much a pain (maybe a slight pain) as it is some kind of super accelerated fatigue and shut down, what is this and how do I fix it before tomorrow's workout?


First of all, it sounds like you may need to have this problem checked out. There is nothing that you will be able to do overnight to fix the problem, so I advise being careful with your workouts until you can get in to see your primary care doctor or a sports medicine doctor. There are a few different things that could be causing this sensation of your "knees giving out." The first might be that you are experiencing, as you say, muscle fatigue. Most of the time this is not due to an underlying condition causing accelerated fatigue; rather, it is due to exercise routines that are too vigorous for your level of conditioning. More concerning causes of knees "giving out" might be damage to one of the ligaments supporting the structure of the knee, especially if you notice any popping sensations or any abnormally loose motions in the knee area. Your regular doctor will be able to examine the knee for any signs of damage or exaggerated mobility. If any are detected, they will give you advice about whether you need to stop your workouts or whether you need additional treatment or evaluation by a knee specialist. Please call your doctor today!

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