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"Why do my knee joints really hurt when i bend down?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my knee joints really hurt when i bend down?


im 14 years of age and my knee joints hurt really bad and get stiff when i bend down and do running or a lot of walking. i go training for football twice a week and once a week we do an intense fitness training which involves a lot of running and exercises to build muscles. we started doing these exercises about a month ago and ever since then my knees have been very sore. at first i thought it was growing pains but the pains are worst than what they'd usually be. My diet is quite balanced except for i wouldnt eat a lot of vegetables. please help! :)


I would strongly recommend that you go to see your pediatrician about this issue. There are several potential causes of your pain, and your pediatrician is well equipped to help you figure things out. Furthermore, while waiting to see your pediatrician, it would be best to refrain from vigorous sports activities, as it is important to rule out a serious injury to the knee, which could be made worse if you continue to exercise on it. One potentially cause of the pain is something called runner's knee, or patellofemoral syndrome, which is a condition in which the cartilage on the back of the kneecap rubs agains the underlying leg bones. This condition is very common in young athletes, and it can typically resolve with leg strengthening exercises and with rest. Another cause in someone your age is a condition called Osgood Schlatter disease, which causes pain and inflammation in the bony area right below the knee. This again is a condition that is usually not serious and can resolve with pain medicines and with some rest, although it is not usually necessary to stop athletic activity. More serious causes of your pain could include a significant injury to one of the ligments or cartilage inside the knee, and this can require referral to an orthopedic doctor. Your regular pediatrician will be able to help you figure out whether this is necessary.

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