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"How do I get rid of the ulcers in the left corner of my bottom lip?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I get rid of the ulcers in the left corner of my bottom lip?


I had a root canal six days ago and they numbed my mouth instead of putting me to sleep. I kept biting my lip and have developed large ulcers/blisters on the inside of my lip as a result.


Sorry to hear about this problem. This sort of thing can occur after surgery of any sort inside of the mouth, but the best this to do is to speak to your dentist or surgeon. Obviously, the more that you bite the corner of your mouth, the worse that the swelling gets and the problem just never seems to get better due to this cycle. There are some times that this sort of thing will settle itself out over time, but the fact that you mention ulcers makes me think that you may need more aggressive therapy. Your dentist or surgeon would be the best person to contact, as this is a common occurrence and he or she will have some recommendations for you about how to treat it. There are occasions that either bite guards or medications could be used, although most often time and patient care are all that are needed to help fix this sort of problem. If you are still having problems, as it sounds like you are at this point, please call your dentist or surgeon's office for more information and suggestions, and to see whether or not he or she would like to see you back in their clinic. Please speak with your doctor.

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