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" What may cause muscle aches?"

ZocdocAnswers What may cause muscle aches?


I was sick with fever back in June and had muscle pain. The pain never left. I still have muscles that hurt to move or touch.


It is hard to know exactly what might be going on without a thorough physical examination and, for this reason, I do recommend that you see your primary care doctor. This is especially important because the symptoms have been going on for such a long time without resolution. There are several inflammatory condition which can affect the muscles, and your doctor will want to examine you for any evidence of pain or weakness in the muscles themselves. If there is evidence of this, they will likely want to get additional blood work looking for evidence of inflammation or muscle damage. They will also look for any signs of a rash or swelling or pain in the joints, which could point towards a rheumatological condition. There are also several other medical conditions, such as liver problems or thyroid gland problems that can cause muscle pain, so your doctor may perform additional investigations to look for those conditions. Also, there are a number of medications, including common medications that are used to lower cholesterol levels, that can cause muscle pain, and so your doctor will want to review your list of medications. Finally, muscle aches and pains can be associated with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and with depression. Again, please speak with your primary care doctor.

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