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"I have headaches, trouble staying awake and burning sensation in eyes. What could be causing all this?"

ZocdocAnswersI have headaches, trouble staying awake and burning sensation in eyes. What could be causing all this?


Hey I have terrible headaches the same time most day (starting a year ago), and I'm also having trouble staying wake and concentrating throughout the day. Alone with muscle weakness and a stiff neck. I also experience frequent squinting, blinking, and painful burning sensation in my eyes, followed by the headaches. What could be causing all this?


The persistence of these symptoms is certainly concerning, and suggests to me at least that you need a thorough evaluation by your primary care doctor, if you haven't had one already! Headaches can have many causes, including migraine and tension, which are the two most common types of headache. There are elements of your headache pattern that might be consistent with migraine (visual symptoms), while other elements are more consistent with tension (stiff neck). At the same time, muscle weakness is not a common feature of either of these common types of headache, so a thorough physical examination by your doctor will be important, to rule out more serious neurological or rheumatological causes of your symptoms. Similarly, the fact that you experience a burning sensation in your eyes might be related to an autoimmune problem reducing the production of tears in your eyes, which would also be consistent with an underlying rheumatological problem. Of course, it might also just be the result of seasonal allergies, so there is no need to be overly concerned until your regular doctor has made an initial examination. Call and make an appointment today, and I hope that you get to the bottom of these symptoms soon!

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