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"Can you have complications from having hiccups for one full day?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you have complications from having hiccups for one full day?


I had hiccups on and off all day yesterday, from the time I woke up at 6:30 AM until 11 PM. My stomach felt upset after some bouts of them. The hiccups are gone now, but it feels heavy at the bottom of my lungs when I take a deep breath, almost like what I feel when I have chest congestion.


I'm sorry that you experienced hiccups for an entire day! As strange as the experience may have been, it is actually fairly common for individuals to experienced prolonged attacks of hiccups from time to time. Basically, a hiccup is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm, provoked by stimulation of the phrenic nerve. Typically, this is set off by something that irritates the phrenic nerve, such as stomach distention, acid reflux, or the like. As such, most of the causes of hiccups are totally benign, and they tend to resolve on their own once the irritation subsides. That being said, if you experience ongoing, recurrent hiccups on a regular basis you should be evaluated by a doctor to see if there is a more serious underlying causes. Also, if you had hiccups for an entire day, it is certainly possible that this could have caused some muscle strain from the repetitive muscular contractions, and this could be the cause of the strange sore sensation that you have now. If this pain is strong or worsening, or if you have any trouble breathing or any chest pain, then you should definitely go see your primary care doctor right away for a more thorough evaluation.

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