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"How much sleeping aid can I take?"

ZocdocAnswersHow much sleeping aid can I take?


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Thank you for this interesting question. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide an accurate answer without more information. For example, you have not specified which medication you are interested in taking. Additionally, a physician would need to know the full details of your medical history and also perform a detailed physical exam before determining the safe dose of any medication. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. After collecting this information, the doctor can make recommendations on the correct dosing. There are many over the counter medications that people often take to help in sleep. Some people use melatonin supplements to help with sleep, although studies do not indicate a significant benefit of these supplements. Diphenhydramine, or benadryl, is often used, although this can severe severe drowsiness the day after. Some common cold medications come in a "drowsy" formulation that some individuals use. However, these often contain acetaminophen, or tylenol, and can cause liver toxicity and even liver failure or death if taken in high doses. In order to determine the safe dose of a sleeping aid, you will need to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician and discuss these concerns.

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