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"Is it ok to pour hydrogen peroxide to a wound with stitches?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it ok to pour hydrogen peroxide to a wound with stitches?


hello i poured hydrogen peroxide to my wound that has stiches and after applying it there is funky smell coming from the area


Sorry to hear about your concerns. Hopefully, by now you have already realized that you need to speak with your doctor about your concerns. Whoever put in the stitches will know what kind of suture was used, what body part was sutured closed, and what the risk is with what you have done. There are many different kinds of suture that doctors use to close wounds. Some of these sutures are absorbable, and some of them have to be removed by a doctor. The kind that have to be removed are generally resistant to hydrogen peroxide, and some doctors will advise patients to use hydrogen peroxide, generally diluted with water half and half, to clean the wound after a couple of days. The absorbable sutures generally do not do as well with hydrogen peroxide, as it can speed up their break down, making them possibly pull apart earlier than your doctor wanted. If you are having concerns about your suture, you should speak with your doctor, preferably the doctor that closed the wound. As for the smell, this would also have to do with the wound that was closed and what the risk of infection is. Please speak with your doctor.

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