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"When I stretch my neck my left earlobe tingles and it hurts if I stretch my neck too much, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen I stretch my neck my left earlobe tingles and it hurts if I stretch my neck too much, what should I do?


Left earlobe tingles (no pain until i stretch my neck too much)


This is an interesting question, and is hard to answer without knowing some more information. That is why it is important that you speak with your doctor. There is some anatomy that we can use to explain some parts of your question however. There is a large nerve that exits from the back of one of the large muscles in the side of your neck (the SCM muscle) that is known as the great auricular nerve (GAN). This nerve sends branches throughout the side and the back of your upper lateral neck, but as the name implies does also send some innervation to the ear. Due to its location behind the large muscle that we discussed earlier, it can be placed under some strain when the head is turned, as the nerve itself can be stretched. Most people do not have symptoms of ear tingling when they turn their head, however, and so it will be good to discuss this with your doctor to see if something is causing your symptoms that you have described. For example, is there something that you have different about your neck or ear that could explain these findings? Do you have other symptoms that suggest a possible reason for this one symptom? Again, please speak to your doctor.

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