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"How long can implantation bleeding last?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long can implantation bleeding last?


I had this brown discharge about a week before my period was due and lasted 3 weeks. Around the time I was suppose to have my period, maybe a day or 2 after, one morning I noticed there was dark red blood and filled most of my panty liner. The next day it went back to brown discharge.


I recommend that you speak with your OB/GYN soon. Implantation bleeding is the bleeding that occurs when a new fertilized embryo implants into the uterine wall. Implantation bleeding is something that not all women experience. In fact I would say that most women do not experience bleeding due to implantation that is noticeable in any way. When they do notice it, it is usually a small amount of spotting that might trick a woman into thinking that she just had a very light period. I would say that the bleeding that you described is not very typical of implantation bleeding. Mostly this is because the bleeding that you described seems to be quite significant. It sounds to me more like you probably got your period. I think your next step should be to have a pregnancy test. One option would be to go to your local pharmacy and purchase a pregnancy test. These tests, if used correctly are quite accurate. If this test is positive, then you need to schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN right away. It is important to verify pregnancy through a test at your OB/GYN's office and have an ultrasound to verify that the pregnancy is in the uterus. If a pregnancy test comes back positive, it is also possible that you had a miscarriage as the amount of bleeding that you describe is typical of such an event.

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