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"How can I get rid of non infectious fluid in my ear?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get rid of non infectious fluid in my ear?


Back in January I had ear pain and my doctor said my ear drum was pushed up forward and so I took Allegra D and that helped. For months now I have been dizzy and felt pressure in my ears. My doctor said its not infectious and to take some sudafed for a week and it did not work. then she told me to take Afrin for 3 days and that did not work. So now I am being referred to an ear nose and throat doctor but they don't have openings until September. It's really bothering me and I don't want to wait. Anybody know what could be wrong?


Sorry to hear about this problem. Fluid behind the ear drum can be a common problem, and can add quite a bit of misery to life. There is often cracking and popping that are heard in the ear, and the rest of the time there is a vague stuffiness that can make it difficult to focus on the other things in life. I am also sorry to hear that your problem didn't improve with afrin or an anti-histamine, both of which are excellent starting suggestions by your primary care doctor. Also appropriate was his or her referral of you to an ear nose and throat surgeon specialist (AKA ENT or otolaryngologist). Unfortunately, the delay may be near intolerable, but it will hopefully be worth it. There are many things that can cause this fluid buildup, and your surgeon may feel the need to examine multiple areas of your head and neck to be sure nothing more serious is causing the problem than routine eustachian tube dysfunction. Fortunately, treatment may be a possibility even while you are in the office, but you will need to discuss this with your surgeon at that time. Please speak with your doctor.

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