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"Testicle pain and vein swelling problem - what could be wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersTesticle pain and vein swelling problem - what could be wrong?


I gotten testicle pain sometimes on my right one. It only bothers when I play sports like basketball (jumping) or when there's good amount of pressure on my nut. It doesn't hurt all day or hurt when I sleep. It hurt me a lot when I had tight underwear that needed to be changed. Which I did and I feel much better. But A month ago or so, I got elbowed on that testicle, when playing basketball, I was fatigue, I had diarrhea when going to the bathroom, cold and hot symptoms, and major stomach, till that day on, I had a pain on my right nut. I want to know how long should it last? And what can I do to help it? And another question is around my head of my penis, not the tip but around the head of the skin, it's kinda swollen, and I have a black or blue vein going from the top and going down to my left nut. I believe it's a vein that kinda popped or so, (no pain) I believe it happen during foreplay, when should that leave? How can I make it better?


Testicular pain is a very common complaint. It can be caused by a number of conditions, some of which are very serious. You should talk to your doctor about your testicular pain and be prepared to discuss some of the conditions mentioned below. One of the most serious causes of testicular pain is something called testicular torsion. Torsion occurs when the tube connecting the testicle to the rest of the body "twists" around multiple times, cutting off blood supply to the testicle. This condition is very painful and is considered a medical emergency. If you think you may be experiencing testicular torsion report right away to the nearest emergency room. Other causes of testicular pain and swelling include an infection of the structure on top of the testicle called the epididymis, a collection of bacteria in the testicle itself known as an "abscess", or occasionally a tumor growing in the scrotum or testicle. Another cause of testicular swelling is something called a varicocele. A varicocele occurs when the veins from testicle become swollen and dilated. You will need to be evaluated in person by a doctor to figure out the cause of your testicular pain. I would strongly recommend seeing your primary doctor or an urologist for further evaluation of your symptoms.

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