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"Is it normal to have 1 day period?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to have 1 day period?


I got my period on Friday and it was different. I spotted the first 8 hours and then Saturday around 10, my period became normal, I was quiet heavy, and there was tissue.. That night I became light and Sunday, was even lighter, Monday it was spotting and was really brown. I normally never spot. My period is always straight blood and then gone. I don't get that dark spotting after my period but I did this time. I am sexually active and I have had a miscarriage before and this was nothing like it. My question is, is this normal? Could I be pregnant?


Interesting question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. From your description, it does appear to have been something different from your normal menstrual cycle. In many of these cases, an early miscarriage can result in symptoms similar to what you have described. While it is not often recognized, a large percentage of pregnancies end in miscarriage, often before patients even know that they are pregnant. Your past history of pregnancy and miscarriage is certainly one factor that could be considered as a risk for another pregnancy having terminated in the same fashion. A pregnancy test may be able to provide some information as well, but these often only become useful after the normal time for your normal menstrual cycle has passed (as taking these tests too early can not be helpful as the appropriate levels of the hormone tested may not be present). While home pregnancy tests are not perfect, they can be quite helpful. Speaking with your doctor is an important part of getting the answer that you need as well, as he or she can provide a better test and also provide other insight after asking further question. Any changes in your normal menstrual cycle should be discussed with your doctor, especially if there are other symptoms. Please speak with your doctor about this.

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