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"I have a headache on top of head, is it serious or simple migraines?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a headache on top of head, is it serious or simple migraines?


Hi! I have been experiencing a dull pain around the parietal lobe region(i guess) of my head/ scalp for months. I definitely hurts when I touch it or when I rest my head against something. I didn t notice this until after I mistakenly hit my head against wood (very hard) months ago. I figured it would just go away. Should I be concerned with a tumor or something serious?


Thanks for your question, and please speak with a doctor about this. While there are likely many simple explanations for your problem, persistent pain in any area of the body should be discussed with a physician to make sure that it is not something serious. While painful tumors on the top of the head are not often due to a cancer, it is certainly a possibility. If there is oozing from the area, crusting, scabbing, pain, or the symptoms are getting worse, it would be especially concerning. Also, a personal or family history of skin cancer would be concerning details that should urge you to speak with a doctor more quickly. In general, migraine headaches are associated with sensitivity to light (photophobia), nausea or vomiting, and incapacitation (meaning that you are not able to function when the headache is happening). It is quite rare for a migraine to last more than a couple of days, and if there is ever a pain that does, it definitely should be discussed with a doctor. Please speak with your doctor about this question to see what the next step should be for you, and if any further treatment is indicated. Your general practice doctor can help.

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