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"Does a dental filling require anesthesia?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes a dental filling require anesthesia?


My mouth is not in the best condition. I need four fillings, will I be awake during the process.


Sorry to hear about the 4 fillings. Unfortunately, these fillings are quite common for almost everyone at some point. On the bright side, this means that you are in good company and there must be some way for all of those people to tolerate this. The best person to discuss this concern with you is your dentist, however, the general answer to your question is that, yes, anesthetic is used. The dentist will inject your gums and areas around your teeth to help you tolerate the procedure. In most cases, this will completely remove the pain and will leave the pressure only. If you are asking about being completely asleep while you have the procedure, this sort of thing is much less common but can occasionally be arranged if there are extenuating circumstances. Given the fact that general anesthesia may carry more risk for the average patient, most dentists prefer to handle minor procedures with appropriate local anesthesia instead. While it may be uncomfortable to think of someone working in your mouth while you are awake, most dentists are extremely adept at making this as comfortable as possible. If you have specific concerns about the dental work to be done, please speak with the dentist who will be performing them, as special arrangements can be considered.

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