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"Should I worry abouy my upper breast tenderness?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I worry abouy my upper breast tenderness?


The tenderness feels as if it runs straight through to my back in between my shoulder blades. I feel extra sensitivity to my nipples occasionally, but is not constant like the other tenderness. I have also been gettong these what I believe to be tension headaches through my lower head (behind my ears through to my neck). Ibuprofen has helped the headache but not the tenderness in my breasts and back. It has lasted 2 days now. I have taken a warm shower, the tender spots are extra sensitie to the cold.


Breast tenderness is a very common symptom. There are several important characteristics that provide clues to the cause of your breast pain, and I recommend discussing this with your physician. You should consider whether the pain is in both breasts (which it sounds like you are describing, but I'm not totally sure) or in just one breast, whether the pain is associated with any other breast symptoms such as one or more lumps or skin redness, and what time the pain is occurring relative to your menstrual cycle. Breast pain is very common at certain times in the menstrual cycle and is usually worst just before the onset of menses. Breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle is usually felt in both breasts, is sometimes associated with breast swelling, and usually does not have any other symptoms. In your case, it may be relevant that headaches and general discomfort are also common in the premenstrual and menstrual phases of the menstrual cycle. If one or both of your breast contain rubbery nodules that become tender at certain times in your menstrual cycle, this may be a sign of a benign breast problem called fibrocystic disease. If you have a solitary nodule in one breast there are several possible benign and malignant diagnoses, and the nodule should definitely be examined by a doctor promptly. If you have tenderness in one breast only and it is associate with skin redness or drainage, this could be a sign of a breast or skin infection, which may require antibiotics. If you are pre-menopausal, you are in the premenstrual or menstrual phase of your cycle, and you are experiencing pain both breasts with no skin redness or lumps, it is likely that your breast pain is related to your cycle and you should go see a doctor for a breast exam if the pain becomes severe or does not resolve after your period. In any other circumstance, I recommend you see a physician promptly for a breast exam to make sure you are not suffering from a medical condition that requires further treatment.

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