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"Can you break your ear cartilage?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you break your ear cartilage?


Some one twisted my ear and now it's hard and red and I can't lay one it stars hurting


Ear cartilage is something we think of as in between soft tissue and bone. It can't really be broken. However, with blunt trauma it can be damaged and I recommend getting it checked out by a doctor. Most of the time, this damage heals without any problems at all. It might hurt for a few days much like a bruise, but eventually it will heal. If you do get involved in a sport that involves head trauma (such as boxing or wresting), repeated trauma to the ear can cause scaring. This type of scarring can result in what we call cauliflower ear. This is a type of ear that has been traumatized multiple times and has lumps that look like cauliflower. It is not likely that with on episode of trauma such as what you experienced will result in this type of scarring. However, it is a good idea for you to get checked out by a doctor. I think you could probably see your primary care physician for this problem. He or she will likely take a close look at your ear, but will not likely order any imaging such as a CT scan or an x-ray, unless you report additional trauma other than just the twist of the ear. Good luck, I hope it starts to feel better.

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