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"Chronic low to mid range fevers (99-102) - what could be the cause?"

ZocdocAnswersChronic low to mid range fevers (99-102) - what could be the cause?


This has been going on for months. I also have issues with edema and severe fatigue and I every time checked, I have low blood oxygen. I am hypothyroid but all blood test results indicate that this is being managed properly. Over the last six months I've been diagnosed with LCIS (had a lumpectomy and tried being on Tamoxifen but had some trouble tolerating it), they've found a complex mass on my ovary (they think is benign as it is not really growing but did not biopsy), cysts in my uterus and during this last couple rounds of fever I have had lower pelvic pain so another ultrasound was done and they found a dilated, perhaps blocked, Fallopian tube. BUT WBC is normal every time so no infection indicated. All other blood test results in normal ranges. I need some fresh ideas as the fever and fatigue are really impacting my quality of life. Thoughts? Suggestions?


So sorry to hear about your problems, and hope that we can help you to feel better. Unfortunately, the potential list of possible diagnosis is vast, ranging all the way from blood problems such as blood clots to things that are as common as low lying infections. Of course in each category are many common things and also some very rare examples. It is therefore most important that you be seen by the right doctor that can help you to know what is causing these symptoms. Rheumatologists are well skilled in treating and diagnosing the many vague but possibly connected symptoms that many patients have. Others that are well versed in this sort of problem are infectious disease doctors, although they are obviously more focused on problems that are caused by infection. Either of these doctors would potentially be able to help you get started in your quest for good help, however, and could then direct you to further therapists as needed. Please speak with your doctor about further referrals and if they could be valuable. Also, considering a referral hospital (so called tertiary care hospitals) can be helpful with some of the answers that are seeking. Please speak with your doctor.

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