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"What can I do about the excess skin on my penis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about the excess skin on my penis?


After my circumcision in my teens, it left excess skin on the foreskin of my penis which is 'flappy' and wrinkly. The skin is at least 1cm long also I would like to add that im overweight, would I need surgery?


Thank you for your question. I recommend discussing it with your urologist. Circumcision is an optional surgical procedure that is of questionable medical importance. Historically, there has been a suggestion that circumcision may prevent transmission of some diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases including viruses. There has also been the thought that some types of cancer may be reduced among those who have undergone circumcision. For the most part, this evidence is very weak, and most doctors and surgeons consider it an entirely elective procedure that can be done for social reasons rather than something that should be done for medical reasons. That being said, there are valid social reasons to undergo circumcision, and it is therefore a very commonly completed procedure. It can either be accomplished in infancy as a neonate, or at another date later in life. When one has undergone a circumcision, or any surgical procedure, in which the outcome is not as cosmetically favorable as one would like, there are options that exist to revise the outcome. Usually a urologist would be the appropriate person to speak with first, and he or she could make recommendations about further options. Please speak with your doctor about your question, and good luck to you.

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