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"Could I have genital warts?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I have genital warts?


Hi I noticed these small bumps in my pubic area about a year ago. at first it was just one and then a few weeks later i noticed another one near the penis shaft. i was with my girlfriend at the time for about 2 years. she had been tested for hpv a few months before the bumps showed up so we didnt think anything of it since the bumps werent too noticable. it seems like now a year later they may have grown alittle bit but its hard to tell. im worried i have genital warts, i also researched and found another infection called molluscum contagiosum but i cant pop them and they look more like warts to me. i do have a recent picture if that would help. i am very woried and would like to know what they are. they dont look like clusters unless you look at the picture zoomed in.


It is difficult to tell from your description exactly what these bumps are without seeing them. They could be genital warts or warts from a different cause such as molluscum as you mentioned. The only way to tell is for you to be examined by a health care profession. Most primary care physicians are capable of diagnosing and treating genital warts or molluscum contagiosum warts alike. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a general physician. Another option would be to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist if that is easier. They will look at the bumps and be able to tell exactly what they are. There are a variety of treatment options for these warts. First, your doctor can apply a compound called trichloroacetic acid (TCA) which kills off the virus and makes the warts fall off. They could be treated with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen). Another option is to apply one of several different types of creams. One of these creams is a prescription medication called imiquimod. This medication activates your immune system allowing your own body's defenses to kill off the virus and allow courts to heal. In any event, please speak with your doctor get this problem taken care of quickly. Good luck.

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