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Are 90cc of blood from a hemorrhagic stroke fatal?

This is third stroke
I am sorry to hear about your recurrent strokes. In order to provide an accurate recommendation, I would need more information than you have provided. A doctor would need to review the full details or your medical history and perform a detailed physical exam. In addition, a doctor would need to review your previous studies, including your prior head imaging. Only after collecting that information would it be possible to make an accurate recommendation. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a neurologist to discuss these issues. If you are suffering recurrent strokes, this is concerning for an underlying process that is not being adequately management. Uncontrolled hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke. Arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation put you at risk for recurrent stroke. Other conditions, such as atheromatous disease of your aorta, put you at risk for recurrent stroke. Severe carotid disease can cause recurrent stroke. Some genetic disorders can cause recurrent stroke. One such example is CADASIL. Some strokes can be complicated by hemorrhage. Blood irritates the brain, and this can lead to seizure. The size and location of the bleeding can determine its effect. Large bleeding can exert a mass effect on the brain leading to dysfunction and herniation. I strongly encourage you to see a neurologist to discuss these issues.
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