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"Why is there no pain in postpartum thyroiditis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is there no pain in postpartum thyroiditis?


I asked the question keeping in view that there is severe pain in acute/subacute thyroiditis....also why are the chances of silent thyroiditis more in postpartum period?


Good questions and I recommend discussing them with your doctor. In general, pain is the body's response to stimuli that indicate that something may be wrong. The reason that your body could be experiencing pain from something like thyroiditis likely has to do more with the changes in size of the gland itself than most other things. When you have acute thyroid inflammation, this causes an increase in the blood flow to the gland that then compresses the gland within the capsule that surrounds the gland itself. All of this can sometimes be interpreted as pain, and is often associated with tenderness in the gland itself when pressure is placed on it from the outside. While there may be other factors as well, the differences in the change in size of the gland is a likely contributor to the difference in pain experienced. Normal thyroiditis tends to be more extreme with regards to the changes in size. With regards to why the risk of thyroiditis increases in the immediate postpartum period, this would seem to have something to do with the act of giving birth and the changes to the immune system that occur surrounding this time. For more information about your question, please speak with your doctor.

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