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"Eye pain, temple pressure, burning nose feeling - what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersEye pain, temple pressure, burning nose feeling - what could it be?


MRI of the brain came back normal.


Sorry to hear about your symptoms. It can be frustrating to have symptoms that do not respond to conventional therapies. In some cases, patients almost hope to have positive findings on an MRI or other imaging, just to know what is causing their symptoms. In your specific case, however, it is quite difficult to say exactly what could be causing your problems without some additional information. For example, what makes the pain better and worse, when it comes, how long it has been there for, etc, as well as your overall health history to include some things that could possibly be contributing. All of that is why it is important to keep working closely with your doctor until you either find a diagnosis or are able to help improve and manage your symptoms. In many cases, a neurologist is best suited to help with this sort of pain that seems to involve the head with no obvious source on imaging such as an MRI. They have prolonged training with regards to these symptoms that makes them especially adept in both diagnosis and treatment. Please discuss your symptoms with your doctor and determine if a referral to a neurologist is appropriate.

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