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"After my cold, my ears feel clogged and I can barely taste or smell. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersAfter my cold, my ears feel clogged and I can barely taste or smell. What should I do?


I feel congested i havent been taking any medication


Sorry to hear about your miserable state. Upper respiratory tract infections are quite common for all of us, and are difficult to prevent. The symptoms that you describe certainly seem to be consistent with a normal upper respiratory tract infection, but it is hard to say what the next best step for you is without knowing more of your health history. Your doctor is in the best position to help you feel better in the least amount of time, and he or she may feel that further therapy is needed. For most people with symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection, a short amount of time with routine care should help you to feel better quickly. If your symptoms persist, further evaluation may be needed to make sure that there is not something else that is causing these symptoms. Speaking with your doctor will be an effective way to make sure that you improve quickly, as he or she will know what additional factors may be concerning for you. Warm soups, rest, and hand washing are usually sufficient, but if your symptoms persist your doctor may prescribe additional medications, possible including a nasal steroid. Please speak with your doctor.

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