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"What do severe lower abdominal pains mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do severe lower abdominal pains mean?


My lower back has sharp pains too. And my joints throughout my whole body ache, but have no fever. The abdominal pains are low and feel like major menstraul cramps. But I am 50 years old, and have not had a period in years.


Abdominal pain is not an uncommon complaint in individuals across a wide range of ages, and the possible causes of abdominal pain have a wide range of potential diagnoses. You should see your doctor to receive an evaluation that can be made in the context of your specific medical history and risk factors. Questions you should be prepared to answer are timing of onset, duration, quality and severity of pain, associated symptoms, and alleviating and aggravating factors. The back pain you are experiencing may be related to your abdominal pain as referred pain or may be a symptom of a different process unrelated to what may be causing your abdominal pain. Your pain may be caused by a urinary tract infection, in which case you may also have burning on urination or an increase in urinary frequency. You may be experiencing appendicitis if the pain is the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. You may be experiencing diverticulitis if on the left lower quadrant. You may have uterine fibroids. You may have a rheumatological condition causing pain such as polymyalgia rheumatica or fibromyalgia. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by a physician. I recommend you see your doctor for further evaluation.

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