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"I feel pressure on left temple and small lump on right. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel pressure on left temple and small lump on right. What could it be?


The small lump only hurts when I rub my fingers across it, my right side of my stomach has been going through a little pain also on and off


This is an interesting question that requires more information and a physical exam before we can arrive at the right conclusion. That is why I recommend you discuss this with your doctor. The first part of getting to the correct answer requires knowing more about your medical history, such as if you have had surgery before, have any diseases either chronic or current, or have any other reason to explain the findings that you describe in your temples. Additionally, whether or not you have had these symptoms before and how long they have been present. Then, a physical exam would be important to see how obvious these spots are. If they are big enough, there are times that a biopsy may be necessary, often just with a needle, to determine what they could be. Finally, we would need to know more about your stomach pain to know if the two are related at all. After all of this, we could consider possible causes of temple pain and pressure, discuss some headache related questions and also dental health, and determine what other possibilities there are. In general, there are not too many things that can be causing these symptoms, and the above questions should provide some help. Again, please speak to your doctor.

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