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"What does it mean if I get my period a whole week early but it's only when I pee?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if I get my period a whole week early but it's only when I pee?


I have regular periods that are mild to heavy. When I wipe its a lot as if I'm on my period but no blood is on the pad. Also I had sex the day before I got it with a condom.


Thanks for the question. There are several possible answers to this question, so it is important that you discuss your concern with your doctor. First, it would depend on whether or not you've had intercourse before. One possible explanation for some women is that there can be some bleeding that can occur during the first episode or several episodes of sexual activity due to rupture of the hymen. If you have been sexually active for some time, this is less likely. Other possibilities for vaginal bleeding are many, with most of the risks or possible diagnosis being defined to some degree by your age, as well as your previous history of sexual activity. There are some infections that people can get that can pre-dispose them to conditions that can cause bleeding, some of which are very serious and require prompt medical attention. Other common causes include some different conditions that can affect the uterus and predispose women to have bleeding even when they are not menstruating. Another possibility could be that the blood is actually coming from an area near the vagina, but not actually in the vagina itself. For example, bleeding from the bladder could possibly present in this way as well. Again, please discuss this question with your doctor.

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