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"I'm urinating frequently, what's wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm urinating frequently, what's wrong?


This has just happen tonight I'm 22 I've been urinating right after urinating normaly without any pain its just annoying because right when I lay down I pee again I had orange juice this morning an had 3 glasses of water through out the day an coffee about 2 hours ago I went pee all day but now I'm urinating right after I already have . The only other sympyom im having numbness in my hands or tingling more often then usual. Ive tried looking up different things but every one who had close to the same problem said they juat had the urge or burning sensation or pain along with peeing an only dripa would come out but in my case its normal just right after i already went I know I'm not pregnant for sure no intercourse for a while an on nexplanon. Whata wrong?


It is important that you consult with a primary care doctor. Frequent urination is a fairly common complaint heard by doctor. It is when you feel the urge to pass urine more often than usual (more than eight times a day). It can be a symptom of many different medical problems. Since your symptom is not accompanied by a pain or burning during urination and discomfort in the abdomen, it may not be the common urinary tract infection. The first thing that comes to mind for the reason of your frequent urination and numbness in the hands is diabetes. When your cells do not respond correctly to insulin, glucose (blood sugar) cannot get into these cells and be stored for energy. Consequently, there is too much glucose (blood sugar) in the blood that the kidneys become overwhelmed and try to draw extra water out of the blood to flush out or dilute the glucose. This is why your bladder fills up quickly and it keeps you running to the bathroom. Of course, frequent urination is also a sign of many other conditions. Kidney disease can cause the kidneys to fail to concentrate the urine and consequently send a larger volume of fluid to the bladder. Some medications (or coffee) can also cause frequent urination. I recommend that you consult with a primary care doctor who may order diagnostic tests to find out what is causing your excessive urination, whether or not it is a cause of a serious condition.

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