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"I had a jaw fracture a few years ago and now it keeps popping. What does it mean?"

ZocdocAnswersI had a jaw fracture a few years ago and now it keeps popping. What does it mean?


I had a jaw fracture a few years ago and now my left cheekbone hurts and my jaw keeps popping and clicking when I move it what does this mean?


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing these new symptoms! I would recommend going to see your primary care doctor, or the orthopedic doctor who originally fixed your jaw fracture. They will be able to help you figure out what might be going on. Sometimes, after a serious injury to the jaw, such as a fracture, things might initially heal up fine, but there might be long term problems, such as arthritis in the joint that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull, or persistent dysfunction of that joint, which is sometimes known as temporomandibular pain syndrome. Mild cases of pain and dysfunction of this joint might be treated with standard anti inflammatory medications (like ibuprofen). Additional first line therapies might include physical therapy or muscle strengthening exercises. More advanced or refractory symptoms might require repeat surgical intervention by an orthopedic doctor. Start by calling and making an appointment today with your doctor. They will be able to examine your jaw function, mobility, and alignment and help you determine whether you need an additional workup or evaluation. They'll also give you suggestions about what to do right now to help relieve the pain and other symptoms you are having.

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