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"Sore throat 1-2 days after unprotected sex. Could I have an STD?"

ZocdocAnswersSore throat 1-2 days after unprotected sex. Could I have an STD?


I had unprotected sex on July 4, 2013. 1-2 days later I had a sore throat, I thought maybe it was because he was a heavy smoker and I have never smoked, but now I am nervous that I may have contracted an STD. We had sex again about a week later and again 1-2 after I had a sore throat. I also noticed he had a slight rash on his feet/legs (sock area) that worried me. Could I have an STD? I'm getting tested tomorrow, but I'm freaking out today.


Sorry to hear that you had unprotected sex, have a sore throat, and now are worried that you have an STD. I would definitely recommend that you get checked out by a physician, and a good place to start would be your primary care physician, such as a family practice physician. I am sure that you have heard this already, but this is a good time to recognize the importance of using condoms and practicing safe sex habits. There are a number of different things that could be going on that could have given you a sore throat. Without being able to examine you, or take a thorough history, it will be difficult to tell you with any certainty the exact cause of your sore throat, but I am happy to give you some information. It is possible to contract oropharyngeal sexually transmitted diseases if there are unprotected oral sex habits that are performed. For example, gonococcal pharyngitis is something that your physician will want to make sure that you don't have. With that being said, it does seem a little early after a sexual encounter to have a sore throat only 2 days after. Your doctor can easily diagnose this with a throat culture. I hope that you do follow up with a physician, and I wish you all the best.

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