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"What causes skin numbness?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes skin numbness?


The side if my right thigh has a numbness to the skin there is no sensation but I can feel if I pinch it. It just started when I woke up this morning what could be the cause


There are many potential causes of numbness, some of which are serious and some of which are simply minor inconveniences. As always, you need to discuss this with your doctor as it could be indicative of a bigger problem. There are many things that can cause numbness. We all have experience with decreased blood flow to a region of the body resulting in the "pins and needles" sensation. Other times we will hold our arms or our legs in funny positions for extended periods of time that will result in numbness either due to traction on the nerve, low blood flow, or just the position that was held for so long. This sort of thing will usually resolve spontaneously and within a short amount of time. There are other things that can be more serious. In general, these are related to other symptoms as well, such as loss of function or other signs of illness. If you have any of these or the symptoms persist, it is especially important to speak with a doctor soon. One of the most concerning symptoms can be changes to bladder or bowel control. Please speak with your doctor.

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