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"I have had a cyst removed from my scalp 3 times from the same surgeon. Why does it keep growing back?"


The cyst was diagnosed as epidermal. I have read that the cyst only grows back if the surgeon is leaving the sac of the cyst behind. Please confirm. thanks!


Sorry to hear about your problem, and the best thing to do is to speak with your doctor. It is impossible for me to know exactly why your cyst is still present, but there are some ideas that we can gather from the literature as to reasons that this could possibly be coming back. In general, this type of cyst can be quite difficult to remove due to the inflammation that surrounds the area, as these have often been inflamed and infected for quite some time.

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This will often lead to disruption of the normal tissue planes, and make it quite hard for the surgeon to identify what is the cyst and what is not. There are times when the cyst can be inadvertently entered during surgery because of this difficulty, which can lead to problems with spillage of the cyst contents. Microscopic contents of the cyst can then contain some cells that can lead to recurrence in the long term. Additionally, each time that you have to have the cyst removed, there is more inflammation and the area of the cyst wall becomes more and more difficult to determine. Other things could also be causing these symptoms. There are times when a different approach may be needed. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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