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"I fell through a floor vent resulting in a massive hematoma, which is still hurtful. Is this normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI fell through a floor vent resulting in a massive hematoma, which is still hurtful. Is this normal?


This was 5 months ago and around three and a half months the bruising and swelling were gone but my thigh is still overly sensitive and it's painful to touch is this normal?


This is an excellent question, and one that should certainly be evaluated by a primary care physician or other medical professional. Based upon your description, it is very concerning that you are still having bruising and swelling in your thigh 5 months after your fall, and so it would be prudent for your primary care doctor to perform a full physical examination on you and depending on what they find, perhaps conduct some imaging studies, such as x-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans to better evaluate what is happening with your thigh. The choice of imaging depends on what is found on your examination. Potentially concerning things may be fractured bones, infected hematomas, or severe soft tissue damage which are all potentially serious issues that should be evaluated and may require treatment. Depending on what they find, they may suggest casting or surgical correction if there is a fracture, incision and drainage if there is an infected hematoma or a variety of other treatments if there is soft tissue damage. The fact that it has been 5 months and you are still having issues related to this is very concerning and warrants an evaluation by a trained medical professional.

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