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" I have had stomach and lower back pain constantly for 4 days, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswers I have had stomach and lower back pain constantly for 4 days, what should I do?


Went to the hospital claimed it was a muscle. But for 4 days cant seem to sleep nor postion myself where it doesnt hurt. I tried a heating pad but nothing seems to work .


I would recommend seeing your regular doctor as soon as possible to discuss this issue further. The fact that the symptoms have persisted without improvement for 4 days is concerning and I think requires a repeat visit to the doctor. In particular, I'm concerned about the combination of back pain and stomach pain. It is not common for musculoskeletal back pain to cause stomach pain, and this raises the possibility of several medical problems which should be ruled out. For example, an infection in the kidneys, also known as pyelonephritis, could cause these symptoms. Other symptoms might include fever or pain with urination. Similarly, a kidney stone could cause pain in the back and stomach, often with radiation of the pain down the leg or into the groin. There are other conditions as well that can be associated with both stomach pain and back pain. For example, inflammation in the gall bladder, or gallstones, often cause pain in the right upper abdomen together with pain in the back under the right shoulder blade. In conclusion, a thorough recheck by your doctor is the best way to help you figure out if anything serious is going on that might require treatment!

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